Medicine Abuse: Not Just a Television Plotline
***Letter to the Editor by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America president & CEO,
Steve Pasierb and Consumer Healthcare Products Association president, Linda A. Suydam***

Toking Up to Treat ADD

Makers of Powerful Painkillers Present Safety Plans

Prescription to Addiction: Painkillers fuel Ohio’s new drug epidemic

Meth On the Rise in Memphis

As holidays near, MADD urges safety on roads

Smoking on the decline in Maryland,0,7238033.story

Movies lead Mexican-American teens to try smoking: study,CST-NWS-mexsmoke06.article

Water Pipes No Safer Than Cigarettes

Deployments Taking Toll on Military’s Children

Parents’ Sex Talk with Kids: Too Little, Too Late,8599,1945759,00.html

Make the Time To Talk Promise
***The Partnership for a Drug-Free America’s Time To Talk featured***

Audio: Teen Prescription Drug Abuse in the US (aired 12/1; audio feature begins at 9:14)
***The Partnership’s Steve Pasierb interviewed; PATS Teens 2008 statistics mentioned***

Good Parenting Creates Drug-Free Kids, Conference Experts Say
***The Partnership’s Steve Pasierb quoted***

Obsessed with Being Connected: The Downside of Social Networking for Teens

Texas alcohol agency announces amnesty for youths who report someone with alcohol poisoning

A Stocked Bar For Holidays Can Be Introduction To Addiction

Movies May Tempt Teens to Smoke

Racial Disparity In Lung Cancer Rates Narrowed In Young Adults Due To Larger Decrease In Smoking

Smoking Exposure Now Linked to Colon, Breast Cancers

Early Morning Smokers May Be More Dependent on Nicotine

MTV & Associated Press Survey: One-Third of Youths Engage in Sexting

Terrible tweens are the golden years?

Ponder This: LG Warns Teens About Texting

Study Reveals the Angriest Americans

Prescription Drugs Deadlier than Cocaine and Heroin
***The Partnership for a Drug-Free America’s PATS mentioned***

Buckeye beefing up effort to fight underage drinking
***The Partnership’s, Arizona Affiliate featured***

Amid recession, meth menace evolves

Editorial: AB 1455: the wrong remedy for meth labs,0,7497693.story

Grant to aid study of meth, HIV

Ecstasy Users at Higher Risk of Sleep Apnea

Liquid Marijuana Seized in Brooklyn

Natalie Portman: “I Didn’t Touch Pot Til I Was in My 20s”

Alcohol Companies Target Youths With Magazine Ads, New Study Shows

Co-Ed Dorms Linked to More Drinking, Sex

Smokers Inhaling Germs With Each Cigarette

‘Moist Snuff’ Contaminated With Harmful Substances

Blog: Interesting shifts in teen and tween attitudes and beliefs

The Partnership at exists to help parents prevent, intervene in and treat
drug and alcohol use by their children.

Last updated on December 7th, 2009