“Sobriety High School is a very welcoming, safe and encouraging environment in which my son has been able to continue to grow in his recovery. As a parent I am so grateful for a school that supports sobriety. The smaller class size has been an added benefit to my son’s education experience. I know that my son has made life long friends with both the staff and fellow students at Sobriety High School.” – Mother of a current SHS student

“I’ve never felt such support from people who actually understood what I was going through. Sobriety High was key to my recovery.” ~Joe, former student

“There is nothing more special than to be able to give back to those who have been more than encouraging to me and my sobriety.” ~Ciera, graduate

“I love living this new life. I go to meetings, help others and meet great people in recovery. I could not have done this without Sobriety High and the opportunities this wonderful place has offered me.” ~Stephanie, graduate

“There is no doubt that if I had returned to my neighborhood school, I would have relapsed with old friends and started using again.” ~Anonymous student

“This school has provided me with a sober environment away from all the drugs. I could focus on my schooling and not my urges to use that had controlled my life.” ~Neeko, graduate

“I will always be grateful to Sobriety High for helping me understand my son’s addiction as a disease – not a character flaw or a fatal parenting mistake.” ~Jeri, parent

“Sobriety High anchored my son through his academic years. As a parent, I am extremely grateful for Sobriety High.” ~Sharon, parent

“I have witnessed many miracles happen at this school. I don’t know where we would all be without
Sobriety High.” ~Sue, parent

“It’s all the small  things that you did for me that built up and continue to give me faith in my future.” ~Sara, graduate

“I don’t think I realized how much influence you had on me until I left Sobriety High. What you taught me will stick with me for the rest of my life.” ~Dan, graduate

“Thank you for helping to save my daughter’s life. It is a debt I can never hope to repay.” ~Joel, parent

“I am not trying to be dramatic, but Sobriety High literally saved my life.” ~Anonymous

“All I ever wanted was to be happy and I was happy at Sobriety High.” ~Mike, graduate

Last updated on September 9th, 2010