Dear Parents and Guardians of Sobriety High Students,

Thank you for your support of Sobriety High School!  Sobriety High School strives daily to provide your student with the best possible environment and learning tools on his or her road to recovery.

It has recently come to my attention that sometime between this year and last, there was a change made to the Minnesota Statues referencing fees that we can and cannot request from students enrolled at our school.  In the past, legislation has allowed the request of a “supplies fee” for public schools that needed supplementary monies to support and provide materials involved with student learning. This fee has helped us provide notebooks, copy paper, pens, pencils, markers, art supplies, technical supplies, and janitorial supplies to support your students in their education and recovery here at Sobriety High.  We are now, no longer allowed to request these fees but continue to provide the necessary supplies and services.

If you are receiving this letter, you have consented to our request upon your student’s enrollment and paid a fee to help cover these, often considerable, costs.  Our school, like many other schools, has had to meet many financial challenges and your contribution has sincerely helped to off-set some of that negative financial impact.

While we may no longer ask for “fees” to cover your students school supplies, we are a non-profit school and may certainly ask for the generosity of our families and communities in the form of donations.

In short, it would be unethical of us to keep this fee without notifying you of the statute change.  We request that you permit the payment that you have already made to benefit your student’s education, be considered a “voluntary donation” to your student’s supply costs.  Should you consent, we will be happy to issue you a charitable donation tax receipt for purposes of filing your federal income tax.  Should this donation be disagreeable to you, we will refund your fee as soon as we are financially able and in as timely a manner as possible.

Please contact either our Central Office, or your individual campus as soon as possible to convey your wishes in this regard.   We will need your name and the name of your student to properly follow through with your request.

Last updated on September 15th, 2010