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SHS Budget Publication by MDE

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

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Annual Appeals Letter

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Dear Friend of Sobriety High:

Our   mission   here   at   Sobriety   High   Charter   School   is   to   provide   adolescents   recovering   from   alcohol   and   drug   dependency  a  comprehensive,  4-­‐year  high  school  diploma  program  in  a  safe,  sober,  supportive  and  chemical-­‐free   environment.

As  the  current  Interim  Executive  Director  of  Sobriety  High  School,  I  am  working  to  ensure  the  financial  stability  of   our  organization,  as  well  as  maintaining  a  healthy  and  robust  environment  in  which  our  students  thrive.

As   Sobriety   High   embarks   on   a   new   school   year,   we   have   many   reasons   to   be   optimistic.     Our   two   fully   staffed   campuses,  located  in  Burnsville  and  Coon  Rapids,  provide  teachers  and  recovery  staff  working  together  to  ensure   that  students  receive  the  support  and  structure  needed  for  academic  and  personal  success.

This  appeal  comes  to  you  with  urgency  as  well  as  a  continued  sense  of  hope.    As  you  are  no  doubt  aware,  the  state   continues   to   implement   a   holdback   of   state   aid   funds,   not   less   than   30%.     This   holdback   is   projected   to   continue   for  the  foreseeable  future.    This  makes  your  continued  support  more  critical  than  ever  to  our  continued  mission.

To   those   of   you   who   have   contributed   to   our   cause   in   the   past,   we   are   extremely   grateful   and   appreciative   that   you   share   our   vision.     To   those   of   you   who   have   only   recently   become   aware   of   our   goal   and   efforts   in   the   community,  we  are  thrilled  to  welcome  you  to  our  community  of  supporters.

Can  you  help? Please  consider  the  impact  our  school  makes  on  students  and  communities,  and  the  investment  in   the  future  your  donations  represent  as  you  make  your  decision  to  support  our  cause.   Your  help  is  invaluable  for  changing  and,  even  saving,  young  peoples’  lives.

Your  contributions,  whether  they  are  financial  or  donations  of  supplies  or  giving  of  time,  are,  as  always,  100%  tax   deductible  and  go  directly  to  school  operations.

I  can’t  express  it  better  than  Natalie,  a  2008  graduate  who  is  now  a  junior  at  the  U  of  M,  does:

“You  gave  me  hope  and  are  one  of  the  main  reasons  I’m  alive  today.”

If  you  have  questions,  feel  free  to  contact  me  at  651.757.0535  or  [email protected].

Click here for more information on how to donate online.

Paul  McGlynn  
Interim  Executive  Director

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Welcome back to the 2010/2011 school year of Sobriety High

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

August 18, 2010

Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Sobriety High,

As you know the school year is upon us once again.  We wish to welcome you back to Sobriety High.  School begins on September 7th.  This year in order to better prepare and educate our students, we have consolidated our four campuses into two.  The two campuses, Burnsville and Coon Rapids, are ready and prepared to educate your students.  Each campus is fully staffed with teachers from all core subject areas who are excited and ready for the tasks at hand.

Sobriety High has had many changes in recent months, and we truly believe these changes will benefit all families and students.  We wish to offer a farewell to Barb Wornson who has left Sobriety High and accepted a new directorship position at a performing arts charter school.  Our Interim Executive Director, Paul McGlynn, has begun his new position and is taking on each new challenge with great leadership.

Both campuses this year will be extending the school day to provide 360 minutes of instructional time for students.  Each campus will continue to have a director.  Amy Berentson is the Campus Director at Coon Rapids and Sarah May is the Campus Director at the Burnsville school.  Burnsville’s new school hours, beginning September 7th, are 8:20 am to 3:20 pm; and, Coon Rapids school hours for the year will be from 8:00 am to 2:40 pm.

The Burnsville campus will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, August 31st from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm for their new and returning families and students at the school location of 12156 Nicollet Avenue, Burnsville, MN  55337.  We are expecting a return of many students and the enrollment of many new students as well.

Welcome back to the 2010/2011 school year of Sobriety High.  We are excited for the new school year and hope your students are ready to return and ready to learn.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  Once again, welcome back, and we look forward to providing your child an excellent education.

Respectfully Yours,
Paul McGlynn
Interim Executive Director
Sobriety High School
[email protected]

Letter from the Board

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Our Mission:

To provide adolescents recovering from alcohol and drug dependency a comprehensive, four year high school diploma program in a safe, sober, and chemical free environment.

November 30, 2009

Dear Parents and Supporters of Sobriety High School,

Sobriety High School, like most Minnesota public schools, is facing a very difficult financial situation.  As you may know, the Sobriety High School board of governors conducted a special board meeting on Wednesday, November 25, 2009 to review options for reducing our operating budget during the remainder of this fiscal year.  Included among these options were the possibilities of closing one or more campuses before the end of the school year and/or reducing staff, since staff salaries are over 85 % of our budget.

Although the minutes from this board meeting are posted on our website, we wanted to personally explain the situation.  Some of the reasons our budget is not working are:

1. The state is withholding close to 30 % of all public school allotted funds until next school year.

2. Our pupil units are down 18% from previous years, possibly because of the low numbers of young adults in treatment centers due to the economy.

3. The funding we receive from the state department of education pays for the educational part of our services.  It does not fund us for the recovery counselors, the supportive part of our mission.

The board decided Wednesday to keep all four campuses open at this time and to maintain our current staff while reducing our operating budget. Public school revenue is based on the average number of students in a school since the beginning of the school year, referred to as an average daily membership, or ADM. Because our current ADM of 143 is well under our projection of 185 we are facing a serious revenue shortfall.  The board is hoping that we will increase enrollment from 143 to 155 students during the remainder of this school year.  Our revised projected budget has been reduced to reflect the drop from 185 to 155 students.  This budget reduction decreases our anticipated revenue by approximately $210,000.

Due to prior board planning, SHS has a very modest fund balance.  We are hopeful that with the fund balance, $35,000 in reductions in expenditures this school year, efforts to increase enrollment, and a concerted fund raising effort we will weather this financial storm without further financial adjustments. However if we are not able to increase our student enrollment by 24 students (necessary to meet the target of 155 ADM), further budget reductions will have to be made later this year and certainly for next year.

Even with these efforts, Sobriety High School won’t be out of the woods for quite awhile.  The situation will likely repeat itself next year, when the legislature is again planning to hold back 30% of our revenue.  Since charter schools are unable to pass levies for funding, we have no choice but to borrow the money necessary to keep our payroll going.  This of course means paying back the money borrowed with interest.

Several parents attending the November 25 board meeting expressed their willingness to assist in a variety of fund raising efforts.  The board is thankful for their commitment to SHS and their willingness to join hands with the board to maintain a quality program for students in recovery well into the future. We ask you each to think hard about the many ways you can support Sobriety High School in the days to come and to share your ideas with other parents.


The Sobriety High  School Board of Governors

Bob Doffing, Board Chair
Alan Braun
Joe Covert
Chet Johnson
Paul McGlynn
Crystal Mcaninch
Dan Ondich
Bruce Santerre
Barb Wornson, Executive Director