Dear Sobriety High School Parent subscribed to SchoolView:

Thank you for enrolling in SchoolView, which will give you anywhere, any time access to school-related information on your children who attend Sobriety High School.

Maintaining the security of your children’s information is a top priority for us.  While setting up your access involves several detailed steps that guarantee this security, once you have completed these, you will only need to enter your user name and password to access information.

Please make sure you have a compatible web browser loaded on your computer.

  • PC:  Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape 6.2, or Firefox 1.5
  • Mac:  Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher, Netscape 6.2, or Firefox 1.5

The follow the following steps:

  1. Log into
  2. Click “yes” to proceed when the security alert comes up.
  3. Select the button that says “I haven’t registered yet.”
  4. Enter 4109 in the district box.
  5. Enter your access key in the “your SchoolView access key” box.  Your access key number is attached to this letter.  This key is case-sensitive, lengthy and requires exact accuracy but will only be used on your initial entrance into the system.
  6. Select the “continue” button.  Note:  if you make an error in entering your access key, you will be prompted to correct it.
  7. Validate your SchoolView access key by confirming the birth date of your oldest child currently enrolled in District 4109.  Enter the birth date and select the “continue” button.
  8. Think of a user name and enter it in the box.  Remember this username; you will use it for all future logins.
  9. Think of a password and enter it in the box.  Select a password you will not forget and your children and others will not be able to guess.  Passwords are case-sensitive.  Your password should:
    1. Start with a letter
    2. Be at least eight characters in length
    3. Include a least one numeric character (0-9)
    4. Does not include any spaces
    5. Does not repeat the same character more than three times in a row.
    6. Confirm your new password.
    7. Answer the questions that will be used to issue you a new password in the event you forget your original one.  Use the pull down menu to select the question.  Type the answers in the appropriate boxes.
    8. Select the “login”.  Note:  if you make an error in entering your username, password or question answers, you will be prompted to correct it.
    9. Select the child’s name whose information you wish to view.
    10. To view information regarding the student you selected, click on the options listed on the left side of this page.
    11. To subscribe to automatic attendance alert:
      1. Hover your mouse on the “My Account” heading on the top right side of the screen
      2. Click on the “My Info”
      3. Add or edit your e-mail address
      4. Check the “Attendance” alert box on the bottom of the page
      5. Click the “Update” button
    12. Once you are subscribed, you do not need to repeat this process unless you wish to unsubscribe or change your e-mail address.
    13. This feature will send an e-mail to your address anytime your child is marked absent in class.  The e-mail will tell you to check attendance in SchoolView.  It will not give you details.  Log on to SchoolView to see the details of the attendance alert.  Only one e-mail will be sent per day, so a student’s attendance status could change between when the e-mail is sent and when you log into SchoolView.
    14. 16.   When you have finished viewing information about your children, be sure to click on “Log Out” to exit the site.  Never leave this page open because others may see your confidential information.
    15. 17.  You can return to SchoolView at anytime by logging on at the address found in #1 (remember to bookmark it or add it to your favorites list).  When you re-enter in the future, you will only need to enter your username and password to access information.
Last updated on September 15th, 2010